Application· Privacy Policy:

Article 1 (definition)

  This application · privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as ”this privacy policy”) specifies the handling of user information in the application for smartphone provided by Chariya Japan, ‘StarrySky Camera’ (hereinafter referred to as ”this application”), and its service related to this application (hereinafter referred to as "this service").

  For contact information of Cariya Japan, please see Article 10.

Article 2 (item of information to be acquired, purpose of use, method of acquisition)

  When using this application and service, we acquire the following user information via this application for the following purpose of use.
For underlined information, we only obtain it if you agree to acquire individual information. If you do not agree, no information is provided, but functions related to that information can’t be used.

  1) items of information to be acquired, purpose of use

Purpose of use

Items of information to be acquired

Taking a picture of starry sky

Photo taking by camera device

Store and displaying starry sky photos

Photographs in (External) storage and reading them

Upgrade to the regular version and confirm the regular version

Write / read in-app accounting information (Note) using network

Share starry sky photo

SNS etc. application information installed in the terminal

(Note) For user charges, please refer to the Google Play terms of service concerning payment through Google Play.

Article 3 (Agreement)

  Please use this application and its service after confirming this privacy policy and understanding the contents. This privacy policy is posted on the product information page of the Cariya Japan website and it is made by this posting. Please confirm this privacy policy when you install this application.

Article 4 (External transmission)

  We will not automatically transmit the information shown in Article 2 to the third party server externally within the function of this application.

Article 5 (Method of users involvement)

  1. By turning off the camera function that the user allowed for this application during the setting of the terminal, acquisition of camera information is stopped. In this case, there is a possibility that this application does not work normally.

  2. By turning off the storage function that the user allowed for this application during the setting of the terminal, it becomes impossible to store the picture. Moreover, it becomes impossible to acquire photos on the terminal. In this case, there is a possibility that this application does not operate normally.

Article 6 (Termination of service and handling of information)

  This application is assumed to be terminated when the user deletes (uninstalls) this application. All information which acquired and saved by the user is immediately deleted from the terminal.

Article 7 (Link to personal information protection policy (The privacy policy) etc.)

  Please check Chariya Japan's personal information protection policy (The Privacy Policy) and the latest version of The Privacy Policy from the link below. If personal information protection policy (The Privacy Policy) differs from this Privacy Policy, this Privacy Policy shall prevail.

  ■ Personal Information Protection Policy of Cariya Japan (The Privacy Policy): Setting of this application → Cariya Japan Privacy Policy http://www.cariya.jp/privacypolicy-e.html (* Link destination display )

  ■ Application · Privacy Policy of this application: Settings of this application → Application · Privacy policy http://www.cariya.jp/products/privacy/starrysky-e.html (*Link destination display)

Article 8 (disclosure and offer of information)

  We shall not disclose or provide information to other than the third parties that explicitly stated in this Privacy Policy to the information acquired and stored by this application and its service without obtaining the consent of the user except in the following cases.

  1. Based on laws and ordinances.

  2. When it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or wealth, and it is difficult to obtain consent of the person himself / herself.

  3. In cases where it is necessary for us to cooperate with the government agencies or local public entities or entrusted persons carrying out pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations and in cases where there is a risk of hindering its execution by obtaining the consent of the person himself / herself.

  4. In addition, it is difficult for us to obtain the consent of the person himself / herself in case we decided it was necessary based on social norms.

Article 9 (disclosure, sharing of acquired information)

  We do not disclose and share information to others within the scope of the functions of this application. For applications such as SNS invoked from this application, please refer to the privacy policy of each application.

Article 10 (Contact point for inquiries)

  We will accept inquiries and consultation regarding handling of user information in this application and this service at the following window.

  ■ Contact Name Name: Chariya Japan Application

  ■ Contact method: by e-mail info@cariya.jp

Article 11 (Change)

  This privacy policy may be revised.

  1. In accordance with the version upgrade of this application, if there are changes concerning the changes or additions of the acquisition items of user information, the change of the purpose of use, the provision of a third party, etc., we notify these before downloading. For important ones, we acquire consent again before installing or during installation.

  2. In addition, when there are changes or additions of user information acquisition items, change in purpose of use, third party offering, etc., we inform you through the message function etc. and at the same time we acquire consent again for the important revise items.

Established February 2017