Chariya Japan Personal Information Protection Policy:

1. Acquiring personal information

  We show our purpose of the use and obtain personal information by lawful and fair means.

2. The use of personal information

  (1) We use personal information appropriately within the purpose of use.

  (2) When we share personal information or outsource the handling of personal information, we investigate the counter parties and conduct appropriate supervision for the protection of personal information.

3. Providing personal information

  We don't provide personal information outside the scope of the purpose for which the individual gave consent, except in cases stipulated by laws and ordinances.

4. Management of personal information

  (1) We maintain the accuracy of personal information and manage it safely.

  (2) In order to protect personal  information from missing, destroying, tampering or leaking, we take appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access, computer virus, etc.
  (3) We set up reception desks to respond to complaints and consultations related to personal information. For inquiries to us, please contact info@cariya.jp.

5. Disclosure, correction, suspension, deletion and complaint about personal information
  We respond appropriately when we are requested to disclose, correct, suspend, etc. the use of personal information.
  Please contact   info@cariya.jp 

6. Organizational Structure

  We appoint a personal information protection manager and promote the protection of personal information under the command of the personal information protection manager.

7. Formulation, implementation, maintenance, improvement of personal information protection management system
  In order to protect personal information, we formulate a personal information protection management system (the policy and the privacy policy for each application), we thoroughly inform all of us of these and implement, maintain, and continuously improve them

8. Compliance with personal information protection regulations
  We comply with laws concerning personal information protection and related guidelines.

Established February 2017

Updated October 2019
Cariya Japan Maruo Hirofumi