”e-Nurse”(Medication support App)

Dosing schedule Application

This application program let you know the dosage times by three continuous chimes. The dosage notification works even in the back ground. Soon after having downloaded the app, medicine samples of ‘Morning before meal’, ‘Noon after meal’ and ‘Before bedtime’ are displayed on a time table for example usage. The chime rings to urge you to take medicine if the dosage times are things of the past already. The blink stops if you tap blinking buttons. Tapping upper right 'Setting' button on the screen to move to setting times screen, you can change the dosage times and add new dosage timings such as 'Morning after meal' or clear dosage timing. You can take pictures of medicines with the built-in camera and register them at ‘Morning before meal’ for instance. Your medication will be recorded when you tap the blinking button after medication. You can see your medication history by tapping the 'History' button. Old history is automatically deleted after three months.

1. How to set dosage timing.

2. How to register a photo of medicine.

** If you want to mute the chime, you should set one of the following.

This App uses the following contents.



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  • - Southease Asia cooperation business

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