Super time-lapse shooting App

Time Watcher

This app is able to take pictures of phenomena which move only a few centimeters in a few hours and play them back in fast-forward. The app can send a picture by e-mail to the specified address every time when a photo is taken.
The app has the following functions.

  • ・Execute fixed interval shooting. The interval between shots can be specified in 15-second increment between 15 seconds up to 45 seconds 59 minutes 24 hours.
  • ・Specify the start time and end time of shooting. Even if the start time has already past, shooting will be executed until the end time.
  • ・The picture taken is pasted on the screen in the form of thumbnail each time.
  • ・The picture taken is sent by e-mail to the specified address as the attachment each time if the address has been specified.
  • ・The countdown for the next shutter time is displayed.
  • ・The count up: the number of shots is displayed as the number of frames.
  • ・The shutter sound can be reduced by the volume button. However, it becomes the normal volume if it is set mute.
  • ・At the end, all pictures taken are converted to a video and it stored in the camera roll.
  • ・You can specify frame rate of the video within the range of 1 to 60.
  • ・You can specify video quality in three stages: high, medium or low.
  • The resolution depends on the devices as follows.
     iPhone5 or later:1920×1080、1280×720、640×480

The capacity depends on the video quality.
As taken with maximum resolution(1920×1080), it needs about 640KB for one sheet and will be about 3.7GB by shooting for a whole day at the 15 seconds interval (minimum interval).
The correspondence of the capacity of a single picture versus resolution is approximately as follows:
1920 × 1080 - 640KB
1280 × 720 - 300KB
640 × 480 - 100KB
480 × 360 - 80KB
352 × 288 - 50KB
192 × 144 - 15KB

The frame rate of the video is equivalent to the number of images played back per second. When you play back photos taken with15-second interval (minimum case) at 1 frame/sec, it becomes time compression rate of 15 times. When you play back at 60 frame/sec, it becomes time compression rate of 900 times.

  • - It does not guarantee reliably taking pictures at any designated time in any case.
  • - If it takes too much time on sending mail or automatic focus, it may miss taking a picture.
  • - We are not able to offer compensation for any damages or losses that may occur during its operation.


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