"Rapid Exposure" Meter

This app will turn iPhone into 2nd exposure meter for cameras.

It can continuously measure exposure value and indicate the information without releasing the shutter and it should be silent.
It allows you to recalculate and indicate the shutter speed together with other ISO values and F values even during the measurement.
The measurement is interrupted by the save button, and then write a row exposure value which iPhone automatically set into the image that iPhone had been taking, The image with the row exposure value is saved as a sample and displayed. You can see the saved images on a list of images in the history window.
The app puts high priority on ISO and F in exposure calculation.

The range of ISO vales, F values and shutter speeds.is as follows.

This app uses OSS:AQGridView(Copyright(c) 2010-2011, Kobo Inc.).
 However this app calculates ISO vale, exposure value and shutter speed based on the photos taken with the built-in camera, we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of these values.


  • - Advertisement delivery business for mobile hand set
  • - Position information business
  • - Southease Asia cooperation business

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