"High Sensitive Video" App

High Sensitive Video Application

This video app is able to take videos brightly and vividly in darkness.
It's easy to use.
After starting the app (and selecting the quality),
just tap the ‘record’ button and adjust the brightness.

You can take videos, which you had to take using illuminator ever, with no lighting.
You can select ‘High’, ‘medium’ or ‘low’ resolution. The resolution depends on iPhone model as follows.
 iPhone5, iPhone5c, iPhone5:
   1270x720(10fps), 640x480(18fps), 352x288(24fps)
 iPhone4, iPhone4s:
   640x480(8fps), 480x360(14fps), 352x288(24fps)
   480x360(7fps), 352x288(10fps), 192x144(15fps)
You can set brightness value between 1 and 15. "3" is the normal brightness value. The voice recording is not available.
It does not guarantee reliably taking videos in any case. We are not able to offer compensation for any damages or losses that may occur during its operation.


  • - Advertisement delivery business for mobile hand set
  • - Position information business
  • - Southease Asia cooperation business

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