"HoldBaby" App

Baby-sitter Application

This app will let you know as soon as your baby starts to cry. This app will send an e-mail to the specified address with your baby’s cry immediately the app detects the sound; baby’s cry. And sings lullaby that you recorded.
This app works as follows.

1. After starting the application, go to the settings screen by pressing the ‘Setting’ button on the lower right screen. On the ‘Setting’ screen, record the lullaby, add an email address and select whether or not to auto-playback the lullaby.

2. Tap the ‘Start’ button. Vigilance will begin and the detection bar on the ‘Seek Bar’ starts moving.

3. If the app detects a loud sound above a specified threshold, it does the following.

4. The vigilance automatically resumes after the series of above operations has been completed.

To obtain optimum performance from the app, be sure to set the iPhone “Auto lock” to “No”. Give the battery enough carge or keep the iPhone connected to an external power source or it may power down. To allow recording your baby cry clearly, set your iPhone near him or her. The iPhone should be connected to the internet with WiFi.
This application is compatible with Japanese and English environment.


As this app is designed specifically for help as a part of baby-sitting, We are not able to compensate you for any damages or losses by any reason.


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