"Simple Exposure" Meter

This app will turn iPhone into exposure meter for cameras.

It calculates the EV value at the present moment based on the photo taken with the built-in camera of iPhone and displays the combination of preferred ISO vale, F value and shutter speed.
It also writes each original value set (ISO, exposer, shutter speed) on the photos taken with iPhone and views as a sample.

The range of ISO vales, F values and shutter speeds.is as follows.

This app uses OSS:AQGridView(Copyright(c) 2010-2011, Kobo Inc.).
 However this app calculates ISO vale, F value and shutter speed based on the photos taken with the built-in camera, we are not able to guarantee the accuracy of these values.


  • - Advertisement delivery business for mobile hand set
  • - Position information business
  • - Southease Asia cooperation business

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